The history, from father to son …

It was on October 1, 1986 that …

Jean-Bernard Crottet and Claus Larsen founded their company Borex Poissons in Borex, in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland).

Initially it was the cutting of fresh poles for the restaurants, followed by the sale of fresh and frozen fish to the private.

  • In 1988: The opening of a store in Perdtemps (Nyon) until 1992 …
  • In 1992: The real estate context being difficult, the founders decided to correct the shooting and closed the store at the Rue de Pertemps in Nyon.

Production and sales will be re-centralized in Borex.

  • In 1997: Pascal Crottet, son of Jean-Bernard, joined the company to set up a project a little crazy but seductive. (Manufacturing of Artisanal Smoked Salmon)

Because after having acquired the know-how of the smoked salmon artisanal with a Swiss craftsman since 1992, he proposed to us to manufacture this delight! And at that time, the succession was assured. The second generation was back in the race…

The craft is as follows :

Every Monday, most of the arrivals come from Norway, Scotland, Ireland, or Canada. Next comes the cutting of fish, salting and cold smoking, a well-known method of the tsars. Salmon and select by ourselves in a specific farm in each country. For example our fresh salmon from Norway, coming from the Premium selection, giving you all the guarantee of an authentic salmon with fatty flesh. Only 3% to 5% fat is guaranteed, compared to 10% to 15% in the wholesale market.

We have also developed various products since, such as fondues of fish, seafood dish, a smoked mixture, etc.

  • In 2010: Pascal Crottet took over the marketing of the products.

Address where you will find our products on points of sale.

  • In 2013: the year of change..
    1. New directors (Jean-Bernard and Pascal Crottet)
    2. New production facility based in Coinsins (VD) – Definitive closure of Borex!
    3. Opening of a point of sale in Nyon (Rue de la Gare 4 – Left-hand Arcade – from 10.12.2013)
  • In 2014: New catering service!

After more than a year of activity in the caterer sector, we decided to create a new sector called the craftsman in collaboration with YVES BOVY.

We can prepare different menus for your events, weddings, company parties, cocktails, or more information on www.lartisancuisinier.ch

A service with or without Delivery / with or without staff.

  • In 2015: online store of smoked salmon and much more ..
  • In 2016: Unfortunately, we inform you of the disappearance of Mr. Jean-Bernard Crottet, who left us suddenly in May.