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La Fine de Claire: is the favorite product of consumers who appreciate fleshy oysters.
For several weeks, it refines itself in the clear , shallow clay ponds, which allow it to acquire a quality of shell superior to a fine oyster of the open sea. It is also during the refining in the clear of the Basin of Marennes Oléron that the oyster adds to its marine flavor the subtlety of a taste of terroir. It is the oyster that will be chosen by the amateur who appreciates oysters rich in water and balanced in flavors.


The Special Claire: This is an oyster the oyster selected before ripening to its regular shape, roundness and thickness. Its concavity, more pronounced, announces a volume of flesh more important. At the time of tasting, Claire’s Special is distinguished from Claire’s Fine by the more firm consistency of its flesh, its volume in the mouth, a remarkable balance between sweetness and salinity.


La Belon: Belon’s now famous flat oysters are the only ones to be raised in the estuary. They owe to this particular mixture of fresh water and sea water their famous taste of hazelnut.


La Gillardeau: A Gillardeau is first tasted. For all connoisseurs, the generous flesh of the Gillardeau is perceived from the start. This voluptuous and firm, almost crunchy flesh invades the palate, creating a kind of enchantment, both mineral and vegetable, extended by a crescendo of delicately sweet flavors dominated by subtle and refined aromas. Its length in the mouth, its fleshy flesh, its great aromatic finesse and its persistent flavor thus sign the taste identity of Gillardeau.


And of course we sell them also closed, in pocket 96 – 48 – 24 – 12 pces or per piece.


Seafood dishes:

Example of composition: 1 x Lobster / 12 x Fine / 12 x Clams / 6 x Almonds / 2 x King crab legs / 4 x Prawns / 2 x Langoustines / 12 x Bulbs / 1 x Raspberry Vinegar with shallot / 1 x Aioli / 1 x Lemon